Our Consultants provide cost saving strategies that businesses can’t afford to turn down.

Once a client agrees to make changes that will save them money, our Consultants often receive a minimum of five years of commission.

How does that happen?

Our industry experts, Consultants, contractors, analysts, vendors, partners and auditors make all the difference.

Collectively, we call these professionals our EcoHorizon Partners.

They have decades of training and expertise. We connect our clients with our EcoHorizon Partners, and they dedicate their extensive knowledge to the task of reducing the burden of your costs.

You can rest assured that your business is being attended to by the team of EcoHorizon Partners.

Clients that have taken advantage of our services:

Serving Over 4,700
municipalities, businesses, schools &
government organizations


EcoHorizon Energy, LLC
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Wilmington, DE 19808

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Awesome Energy Saving Tips are at your fingertips
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